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By Elric on 12:36 PM 18 July 2007

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South German melodic metal outfit Saidian have posted their video for the song "Burn Down the Night" on MySpace. According to the band, the clip features, "besides live footage, some backstage impressions from our 2005 European tour with Jon Oliva's Pain."

Former Savatage/current Jon Oliva's Pain frontman Jon Oliva and Sinner/ex-Primal Fear drummer Klaus Sperling made guest appearances on the sophomore album from Saidian, entitled "Phoenix". Released in September 2006 via Metal Heaven, the disc was produced by former Sanvoisen singer Vagelis Maranis at Maranis Studios in Backnang (near Stuttgart), Germany. Sperling reportedly plays drums on the entire album, while Oliva joined the group to sing a verse in the song "Crown of Creation".

Saidian Tour 2005

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