Septic Flesh Are Back

By Elric on 9:54 AM 30 April 2007

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Legendary Septic Flesh and one of my favorite bands have returned! Greek daemons Seth, Chris Antoniou, Sotiris V. and Fotis Benardo are back as they decided that besides their experimentation with different projects and musical paths, the path of the Flesh was not completely explored.

Septic Flesh will record their sixth full length album under the flag of Season of Mist. The yet untitled album will carry all the elements that made the sound of Septic Flesh so distinctive. There will be pale, strange guitar melodies, brutal and sharp riffing, the devil behind the mic, and of course the neoclassical arrangements that are trademark of Chris Antoniou. For that purpose alone, Chris the "gothic maestro" will torture a full orchestra and choir respectively made of 80 musicians and 32 singers!

The rest of the album will be recorded and mixed on what has become the temple of the past two musical rituals of Septic Flesh. Once again they have chosen to invade the famous Fredman studios, with the company of Fredrik Nordstrom.

Septic Flesh will headline the second day of the Metal Healing Day in Xanthi ,July 27, 2007

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