Hammerfall New-Old Bassist

By Elric on 11:49 AM 19 April 2007

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Hammerfall have announced a new bass player: Fredrik Larsson, original member of the band, has re-entered the realms of the Swedish steel gods and will replace Magnus Rosen from now on!

"I am very happy and excited to be back! I have known the guys for more than ten years and we have kept in touch all the time, so it is not as if I come in a complete stranger. We played a few songs together last weekend, and it felt like 1997 was just a couple of weeks ago", says Fredrik about coming back into the fold.

Oscar comments: "Fredrik brings structure to the rhythm section and I think you will definitely hear and feel the difference when we play live".

"He plays with a pick, for one, and has a great groove and timing, all of which will make Hammerfall sound better than we ever have before", Anders remarks, and Stefan chimes in: "We are all very psyched about this and can't wait to get on the road again." "Fredrik recorded 'Glory To The Brave' with us, so he's definitely a part of the family. It's great to have him back!" adds Joacim.

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