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By Elric on 10:29 PM 07 March 2007

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Power metallers Hammerfall have issued the following update regarding the departure of bassist Magnus Rosén:

"Bass player Magnus Rosén has elected to step down from Hammerfall to be able to focus on his own projects. While it is surprising, it's not a total shock to us since he has seemed to be unhappy with the situation in the band and on tour for quite a while. We wish him all the best with his future endeavors and turn our attention to the future, immediate and distant.

This will change nothing for us as far as booked gigs and other planned activities are concerned. Rest assured, Hammerfall will continue blazing its trail just like before. The process of selecting the right replacement both musically and personally is already set in motion, and we will announce it as soon as a decision is made."

Magnus Rosén has issued a statement explaining his decision to leave the band. It reads as follows:

"Thanks to all the fans around the world who supported the band for 10 years. You all gave me very nice memories after all the concerts we did. It was a pleasure to get such a good audience like you guys! Without you we wouldn't be able to do record so many CDs and make so many tours as we did during the last 10 years. So thank you all.

"It's important for me to tell you that I loved every single second I had on stage during our concerts! To hear your voice, see your happy faces and hear your nice words really made my day!!! It was a pleasure to meet each one of you before and after the concerts, sign your CD, take pictures with you and shake your hands!

It was also very nice for me to use my fame to do my solo concerts for charity in countries like Peru, Chile and Brazil. With these concerts I got food and money for poor people and it was because of YOUR help! Also for supporting me during my bass clinics in schools and in other projects as music against violence and music against drugs! I believe it's very nice way to give and take.

"So it's time for me to be more creative in my career. That's the reason I left Hammerfall. So from now on I'll give myself a chance to write songs and be creative in bands that allow me to. The years are passing by fast and it is important for a musician to grow in the situation he is in!

"I hope that Hammerfall will find a nice and good bassist for you all. And I hope our fans will respect my choice!

"Anyway, be sure that I'll still be doing heavy metal! So keep your eyes open!"

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