Edguy's 15th Anniversary Shows

By Elric on 12:21 AM 01 March 2007

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This past weekend (February 23-24), German melodic metallers Edguy played two 15th-anniversary shows at at the Wartenberg Oval in Angersbach near Fulda, Germany. German metal queen Doro was the support act both nights. A bunch of photos from the February 23 concert can be found at sounds2move.de. Edguy's setlist was as follows:

01. Intro
02. Spooks in the Attic
03. Sacrifice
04. Painting on the Wall
05. Babylon
06. Save Me
07. Lavatory Love Machine
08. The Piper Never Dies
09. The Headless Game
10. Drum Solo
11. Superheroes
12. Out of Control
13. Avantasia
14. King of Fools
15. Vain Glory Opera

Edguy filmed a live DVD on November 3 at the Credicard Hall in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The band has just finished touring in support of its latest album, "Rocket Ride", which entered the German national album chart at position No. 8 upon its release in late January 2006. The CD also came in at No. 8 in Sweden, No. 25 in Finland, No. 32 in Hungary, No. 48 in Japan, No. 50 in Switzerland, No. 50 in Austria, No. 79 in Norway and No. 81 in Italy.

On other new concerning the band, Tobias is working on another Avantasia album.

"I've heard rumors going around and - yes - they're true. Quite some time ago I've started working on another Avantasia adventure! Again it's going to be a conceptual album with different musicians and singers. More about it from now on at this site www.avantasia.net. You ask why I am doing it? Because I can! Because I am dying to go for it! And because the time has come that I feel ready and strong enough to start something big, bombastic and monumental again! Believe me: you won't find any other man on the face of the earth who has got more work and stress right now - and who's yet as happy as I am. It's so exciting to see another dream of mine take shape."

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