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By Elric on 9:31 PM 27 February 2007

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Fans of Anthrax have launched an online petition to get members of Anthrax to consider former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno as their new frontman. The petition reads as follows:

"As longtime fans of Anthrax, we consider the future of the band of the utmost importance. The band's lack of a singer concerns us because we truly care about Anthrax. While many of us would like to see the return of one of their more popular singers (specifically, John Bush or Joey Belladonna), we understand that that may not be possible. Because of these circumstances, and because of our want for Anthrax quality material (both for the band's sake, and admittedly, for our own sake), we would like to make a suggestion for lead singer we feel is appropriate for the band to consider. This singer has fronted one of heavy metal's all-time greatest bands during arguably its best years. His name - Paul Di'Anno. Di'Anno is most famous for his work with Iron Maiden during 1978-1981, including during the releases of the classic albums 'Iron Maiden' and 'Killers'. We know Anthrax are great Iron Maiden fans and know they specifically enjoy some songs from these albums, as we've heard Anthrax cover them. Paul has a great metal tone while bringing a punk-ish feel and attitude, a great fit for the similarly-styled Anthrax. Di'Anno puts on a notoriously great show, essential for a band with the great live reputation that Anthrax has. We will specify right now that this petition does not directly ask for Di'Anno to become the singer, but only for the band to consider it as a possibility. If the band does not feel that the match makes sense for whatever reason, we will understand — all we ask is the band consider what we believe is a good idea, both exciting and realistically possible."

To sign the petition, go here.

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