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By Elric on 12:49 PM 12 February 2007

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The following post comes directly from the Metallica web site.

"Greetings from not so sunny Northern California. We know that things have been pretty quiet here in web-land, so we thought we'd throw some shit your way... here goes...

We are finishing up the last couple weeks of pre-production on the album and... really... seriously...(drumroll)... we're going to start recording on March 12th. We're pretty fuckin' psyched about it and pretty fuckin' psyched to be sharing this experience with Rick.

But wait... there's more. We kinda sorta figured that by the time June rolled around, we would be ready for a break from recording (escape??) and since we had so much fun in Europe last summer, we thought "why not go back for some more fun and games?" We're planning to share the summer love with our friends in some different countries we didn't get to last year.. okay, fuck it, maybe one or two repeats. We haven't quite worked out all the details yet, but we thought that for once we really would be the first site to break a piece of Metallica news.

So keep your eyes open for more details in the next few.. the plan right now is to head out in late June and hang out for a couple/three weeks. We might even do a certain festival that we've played 19 times in July that starts with a "W," maybe hit a certain band member's home turf... blah, blah, blah.

It's a start . . . ."

Don't get overexited though. At 12 of March the recording will start and I wonder when they are going to finish. Besides no tour dates announced yet anywhere. (Don't spend time searching, I did that already). The fact that they will visit some different places is something good...but I still wonder...Anyway, any news will be posted here.

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Thursday June 28 Serbia Zredjanin
Saturday June 30 Spain Madrid
Sunday July 1 Belgium Werchter
Tuesday July 3 Greece Athens

METALLICA + support(s):

Thursday July 5 Austria Vienna
Sunday July 8 England Wembley
Tuesday July 10 Norway Oslo
Thursday July 12 Sweden Stockholm
Sunday July 15 Finland Helsinki
Wednesday July 18 Russia Moscow

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