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By Elric on 9:33 AM 06 February 2007

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Halford's video for the song "Forgotten Generation" has been posted online at YouTube.com. The track is the first new Halford song in more than four years. Rob Halford wrote the tune and another new cut, "Drop Out", with the Halford band last year during downtime from working with Judas Priest on their upcoming album "Nostradamus".

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"We just thought it would be nice to offer fans an earful of new Halford stuff and let everybody know we're still around," he said, according to MTV.com. Both new tracks are available on "Halford: Metal God Essentials - Volume 1", which came out November 28. The album contains 15 songs spanning Halford's solo career and is also available exclusively through iTunes. Also on November 28, Halford released his entire catalog ("Resurrection", "Live Insurrection" and "Crucible"), plus the Fight demo "K5 the War of Words Demos".

"Forgotten Generation" deals with alienation, and Halford told Launch that he wrote the lyrics to speak to and for everyone. "To me, it means the assertation of every individual to kind of have a voice that's valuable and needs to be heard. So I'm talking about hypocrisy, I'm talking about, you know, speaking up and letting your feelings be felt and heard, and not being passed by, and that's just a streak that I carry with me, I'm the eternal optimist, in that respect."

Things are going well with the recording of the new Judas Priest album. It's a concept album about the 16th Century French prophet Nostradamus, and the band has started thinking about release dates. "The writing sessions were fantastic — some of the best writing that (guitarists) Glenn (Tipton) and K.K. (Downing) and myself have ever created, and we're in good shape, we're recording. And finger's crossed, and with the belief that it's ready when it's ready, we should be out by the middle of 2007 with 'Nostradamus'."

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