DEMO: Crystal Wall - Crystal Wall (2006)

By Elric on 9:11 PM 04 February 2007

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I was just looking at Crystal Wall’s website and they say: “The band Crystal Wall made its appearance in the metal world in 2003. It is influenced by the 1980 rock music, Heavy, Thrash, Death, Prog, Symphonic, classical and Celtic music, and they try to combine technique and melody, as well as a thrash side.

This their first release for the french band. A five track demo called “Crystal Wall”. Their music style is like their influences. A little bit of everything.

After a small intro “Crystal Wall” starts with “War Lust” that reminds me Six Feet Under with addition of female vocals. On the other hand “The Arrival” and “At the End…” are mid-tempo melodic death songs that remind me a mix of the early days of Theatre of Tragedy and the Phantom of the Opera! “Fear No More” is a fast, melodic song with synths and female vocals on the first roles.

All over the music is pretty good and well worked with nice melodies and riffs. The only negative is that sometime the female vocals just don’t stuck with the songs! In the end “Crystal Wall” worth’s the 5 euros. I expect something really good from them in the near future.

Rating: 67/100

The Band

  • Guillaume: Guitar
  • Olivier: Bass / Vocals
  • Kevin: Keyboard
  • Yannis: Guitar
  • Gaetan: Drums


  1. Hostage
  2. War Lust
  3. The Arrival
  4. Fear No More
  5. At The End Of...

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