Warrior Of Light

By Elric on 11:06 PM 27 January 2007

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"Frontiers Records is proud to announce the signing of a brand new and exciting musical project.

Timo Tolkki: the Finnish Grammy award winning guitar player who has sold 1.5 million records with his power metal genre pioneering band Stratovarius, has taken the next step in his 20 year music career.

"Saana-Warrior of Light" is a Classic Rock Opera featuring seven characters and numerous musicians (including Tolkki himself) who will collaborate in this ambitious project. The result is a unique sound, unlike anything ever heard before… from soaring majestic heights to soft and gentle moments and everything in between. It also tells a very dramatic tale.
"Saana-Warrior of Light" is the story of a woman who makes an unforgettable journey that changes her life and view of the universe forever. On her journey, she will discover the biggest secret of mankind… and her own destiny.

"Warrior of Light" introduces 29 year old Jennifer Sowle from the USA as Saana, the main character. She is a classically trained opera singer with a Master's degree in music.

"Saana-Warrior of Light" will be released in autumn 2007 with more details to be announced in the coming weeks."

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