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By Elric on 10:18 AM 30 January 2007

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This is the lates issue from Metal Heaven:

Chris Caffery signed with Metal Heaven and his new album will have the title "Pins And Needles".The songs definitely are deadringers for any Savatage fan. However, there is a more powerful, aggressive, experimental and focused attack that is sure to catch the ears of any metal fan. The album was produced by Caffery together with Nik Chinboukas at Nik's Hot Tracks Studio, Spin Studios and Happy Beaver Studios, Astoria, NY.

The ltd. edition first pressing of this release will be a digi-pack incl. the bonus track "Once Upon A Time".

The tracklist of "Pins & Needles" will be as follows:

01. Pins & Needles
02. Sixty-Six
03. Torment
04. Walls
06. Sad
07. Chained
08. Worms
09. Crossed
10. The Time
11. Metal East
12. Qualdio
13. The Temple
14. Once Upon A Time (bonus track)

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