Van Halen: Dave Come Back !!!

By Elric on 10:37 AM 12 December 2006

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Eddie Van Halen recently spoke to Guitar World Magazine. This quote is an excerpt from the interview featured in the new issue, and posted on a David Lee Roth fan site:

"I'm telling Dave. 'Dude get your ass up here and sing, witch! Come On!'. As it stands right now, the ball is in Dave's court. Whether he wants to rise to the occasion is entirely up to him, but we're ready to go.

Wolfgang breathes life into what we're doing. He brings youthfullness to something that's inherently youthful. He's only been playing bass for 3 months, but it's spooky. He's locked tight and puts an incredible spin on our dookie. The kid is kicking my ass! He's spanking me now, even though I never spanked him. To have my son follow in my footsteps on his own, without me pushing him into it, is the greatest feeling in the world."

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