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By Elric on 12:09 PM 03 December 2006

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Someone left this one as comment in Godsmacks review. (Next time leave a name m8 ;) So, here it is, the full story. Sounds interesting especially for die-hard fans.

"Been Smacked a few times? Worn out your share of Godsmack T-shirts? Maybe your iPod is full of Godsmack songs and you know the lyrics to all your favorites by heart. Did you ever think how cool it would be to sit down with Sully and hear about the inspirations behind those songs?

Welcome to The Paths We Choose, the official site of Godsmack lead singer Sully Erna’s new book. Set to be released on February 7, The Paths We Choose will break new ground into America’s view of the rocker. Die hard fans who enjoy getting “Smacked” at every opportunity and casual readers looking for a would-be future rocker’s view of suburban America will find The Paths We Choose to be compelling.

This site will offer a unique glimpse into The Paths We Choose, including special content only available here, pre-orders of autographed books, extra interviews and media from Sully, and much more. Come back to see the changes."

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NICE! i'm excited!

Posted on 3/12/06 16:50  

Check out the site, they put the prologue out there. Excellent stuff.

Posted on 11/12/06 21:43  

am rely looking 4 it am a big fan 4 godsmack .. and i can't wait 4 it i hope i find it in the mark it coz am from egypt .
but i guess am gonna order it from the net i can't wait .....

Posted on 12/1/07 15:37  

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