Sepultura vs Pavarotti

By Elric on 10:52 AM 26 December 2006

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Sepultura issued this post a couple of days ago concerning the song Sepultura vs Pavarotti - Roots Bloody Roots. Click [Read More] to watch the video.

"For five or six years now, every day we receive e-mails from fans asking about a version of 'Roots Bloody Roots' with Luciano Pavarotti as guest, 'Is it really Sepultura in that song?' Of course not. This version of 'Roots Bloody Roots' was recorded by a German band called J.B.O. And it's probably one of the most popular versions for one of Sepultura's most popular songs."

Contrary to popular belief, it does not contain any of the supposed singers' voices. A video clip of J.B.O. performing the song live has been posted online at

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I heard about this and thought it was a joke, but after listening it's actually pretty good. I'm all in favor of cross-genre mashups. Even such an extreme case like this one.

Posted on 31/12/06 15:23  

"such an extreme case"? operatics and metal are not so far apart as you might think, for instance psychological studies have shown that the type of people who make and listen to both styles have remarkably similar personality traits, generally introvert rather than extro, and more often than not riddled with complex psychological anomalies and or disorders

Posted on 5/8/10 11:07  

Play Edvard Grieg's 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' on guitar and tell me it doesn't sound like slayer. Case closed.

Posted on 29/6/15 23:51  

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