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By Elric on 11:21 AM 26 November 2006

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Maybe the Bostonian quartet still not become the big name in music industry, but with each work they release, they prove that they are a hard working band and they can hold their place in hard rock music.

IV” is the fourth studio full work (5 with the EP “The Other Side”) for Godsmack. The music of Godsmack constitutes of two elements. The great voice of Sully Enra and the incredibly tied up and hard music-play of the rest. This is a result that these guys are a long time together and that they work hard in studio (their live shows are, also, a proof of this). However their sound has not changed a bit all these years and it seems that they ruminate the same things.

Generally, I cannot say that this album has anything original at all. From the title, “IV”, up to the music. In this album Godsmack use the same music recipe as they did all these years. Nevertheless the result is enough good.

Tied up songs, heavy riffs and above all the voice of Sully Enra which is extremely good. The “IV” begins with “Livin' in a Sin” and “Speak”, two songs in the classic style of Godsmack while in “The Enemy” the influences from Metallica are evident. The follow-up songs are a mixture of slow and hard songs but generally the style does not change particularly. The “Voodoo Too” (the sequel of “Voodoo”) is good enough even if, some will consider it as an offence against their past.

With the release of “IV”, Godsmack will try to move one step higher in the musical scene. The think, however, is that “IV” has nothing to offer in a fan of Godsmack. On the other hand, someone that listens to Godsmack for the first time, he will enjoy the album for sure and he will start seathing their previous works.

Rating: 69/100

The Band

• Sully Enra – Vox, Guitars
• Robbie Merrill – Guitars
• Tony Rombola – Bass
• Shannon Larkin – Drums


1. Livin In A Sin
2. Speak
3. The Enemy
4. Shine Down
5. Hollow
6. No Rest For The Wicked
7. Bleeding Me
8. Voodoo Too
9. Temptation
10. Mama
11. One Rainy Day

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have you seen this? sully's book!!!!



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hmm...sound's interesting especially for die hard-fans

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