Lunatica - The Edge Of Infinity (2006)

By Elric on 10:57 AM 22 August 2006

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Since the day that Lunatica formed they worked hard to win the attention of the fans. Their first release, "Atlantis" gave the opportunity for many concerts and festivals. Their second album, "Fables and Dreams" gave to the Swiss band a place to charts.

Their latest album called "The Edge of Infinity" and they will try with this release to win the recognition they deserver.

The band plays a mix of Art Rock/ Progressive Metal. The main melodies come from the keyboards, not from the guitars as it was expected, and they are perfectly combined with the voice of Andrea.

Even from the intro the album wins the attention of the listener, while songs like "The Edge of Infinity" and "Sons of the Wind" give a nice art rock atmosphere. "Together" is a classic epic metal song, while in "Out" Andrea's voice will remind you bands like Evanescence. Finaly the classic love balads are present here also, with songs like "Power of Love", "Song For You".

In the end the filling that the album left me is that I heard a band that reminds me Blackmore's Night (cause of the vocals) although the result is much-much better. "The Edge of Infinity" climbed the charts already and it deserve it. The only drawback is that the album is not an easy listening. Some people will get tired of the long songs and their music style.

Rating: 87/100

Andrea - Vocals
Alex - Keyboards
Emilio - Bass
Sandro - Guitars
Andre - Guitars
Ronnie - Drums

Tracklist -

The Edge Of Infinity

01. introduction
02. the edge of infinity
03. sons of the wind
04. who you are
05. out
06. song for you
07. together
08. the power of love
09. words unleashed
10. emocean
11. EmOcean ( bonus track)

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