Dixie Chicks - Taking The Long Way 2006

By Stonedreamer on 6:39 PM 16 August 2006

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Suppose that Curt Cobain's black widow hadn't decided to move to Malibu after the 'accident', but instead she chose the vast Texas deserts. Suppose that Dolly Parton was around 35 and she had a poster of Sheryl Crow somewhere in her bedroom...

Country-pop sounds, songs that balance between the sandy morning fog backgrounded by an American midwest highway and those flashing big city lights, ultimately underachieving at both...Taking a break from the pure music part of this album, we have to note that the Dixies were one of the few American bands that spoke against G.Bush and his Iraq war,as well as the last song ( I hope) is dedicated to the hurricane Katrina victims of New Orleans .Unfortunately, these kind (??!) intentions are not enough, since the result is simply below par. I guess that a country music fan will be disappointed with this album, while a rookie country listener will not get intrigued to step any further.

  1. "The Long Way Around" (Robison, Maguire, Maines, Dan Wilson) - 4:33
  2. "Easy Silence" (Robison, Maguire, Maines, Dan Wilson)
  3. "Not Ready to Make Nice" (Robison, Maguire, Maines, Dan Wilson) - 4:01
  4. "Everybody Knows" (Robison, Maguire, Maines, Gary Louris)
  5. "Bitter End" (Robison, Maguire, Maines, Gary Louris)
  6. "Lullaby" (Robison, Maguire, Maines, Dan Wilson)
  7. "Lubbock or Leave It" (Robison, Maguire, Maines, Mike Campbell)
  8. "Silent House" (Robison, Maguire, Maines, Neil Finn)
  9. "Favorite Year" (Maguire, Maines, Sheryl Crow)
  10. "Voice Inside My Head" (Robison, Maguire, Maines, Dan Wilson, Linda Perry)
  11. "I Like It" (Robison, Maguire, Maines, Gary Louris)
  12. "Baby Hold On" (Robison, Maguire, Maines, Gary Louris, Pete Yorn)
  13. "So Hard" (Robison, Maguire, Maines, Dan Wilson)
  14. "I Hope" (Robison, Maguire, Maines, Kevin Moore) - 5:04

Rating: 58/100

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Killer album, and they kicked arse live in Montreal! Highly recommended!

Posted on 17/8/06 04:28  

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