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By Elric on 10:42 AM 28 July 2006

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I searched the net over some info about Snake Eye but I couldn’t found any except the thing that they are from and their line-up.

Their debut album called "Ritual Instict" and believe me, it’s a ritual to initiate young people to hard rock. The album opens with the intro “Ritual”. Although intros are the only reason skip button exists, this one you will listen to it every time because it’s indeed like a ritual and because Milojevic screams the title of the next song, “Queen of the Night”, so fucking amazing, that your mind goes back to 80s. “Queen of the Night" is the song that you want to hear every day. The next two songs, "Memories" and "Fire" will remind you Van Hallen and the early days of Bon Jovi with catchy chorus and speed riffs and heavy solos from Paladian. The instrumental “The Weight of the Cross” it is something like an intro to "Nobody", probably the next best song after “Queen Of The Night”.

Musically, Snake Eye play hard rock in the style of Van Hallen, Bon Jovi, Ratt, Dokken and Dio. Their strong points are definitely Milojevic voice and the guitar play from Paladian. This album is already a classic! I hope that we will hear from them again! Definitely a must buy!

Band :
Boban Milojevic: Vocals
Xavier Paladian: All electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Eric Charpentier: Bass
Dom Morroni: Drums

Tracklist :

1. Ritual
2. Queen of the night
3. Memories (Give me a sign)
4. Fire
5. Over the edge
6. No
7. The weight of the cross (Instrumental)
8. Nobody
9. DWB Lonely
10. Walk in the silence
11. Danger
12 High enough
13. Never say never

Rating: 85/100

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It's good that there are still groups like Snake Eye out there

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