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By Elric on 1:16 PM 02 July 2006

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To be honest I always believed that Pasi Koskinen was the main reason of the decline of Amorphis. But now Amorphis have a new singer called Tomi Joutsen and it seems that they open a new chapter in their carrier. Since 1998, Amorphis were searching for/developing a particular sound. They did good job with "Tuonela" but the follow-up albums ("Am Universum"-"Far Beyond the Sun") were just passable. Finally, with "Eclipse", it seems that Amorphis found the sound that they were searching for so long.

I believe that this is the best and most complete album that Amorphis released since their masterpiece, "Tales of a thousand Lakes". Musically, the album changes from gothic to prog-folk (with keyboards on first role) and then again to doom-death.

The voice of Mr. Tomi Joutsen is just perfect for the album and can change from clean to brutal vocal very easy with success.

Sure, one of my favourite’s albums for 2006

Rating : 90/100

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I AM GOING TO THE STORE RIGHT NOW. I was waiting for a new Amorphis album for ages.

Posted on 2/7/06 13:59  

90% seems rly good judging from the rating

Posted on 2/7/06 20:35  

My Rating:

1. Two Moons: 80
2. House of Sleep: 91
3. Leaves Scar: 77
4. Born From Fire: 87
5. Under a Soil and.... 94
6. Perkele: 80
7. The Smoke: 90
8. Shame Flesh: 86
9. Broken Moon: 86
10. Empty Opening: 87

Overall: 86%

Posted on 3/7/06 19:58  

My favaorite songs are Under a Soil.. and Shame flesh.

Posted on 4/7/06 10:58  

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