Review : Blind Guardian - A Twist In The Myth

By Elric on 11:41 PM 19 July 2006

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It's always hard to write a review about a famous band and it's even harder when you are a fan of this band.

Blind Guardian are back after a long break with new drummer. Thomas Stauch left the band after 20 years and Frederik Ehmke is his replacement. It's worth to mention that this is the first change in their line-up!

The first thing that I noticed is the artwork of the cd, it is just perfect. Anthony Clarkson did a great cover artwork and Nikolay Simkin's booklet design is simply outstanding.

The album opens with "This Will Never End", a speedy song with the classic Blind Guardian elements. A suitable song to make you want to listen the rest of the album.

Hansi said "With this album, I think, we have widened the range of the Blind Guardian universe more than we have ever done before". Unfortuanly this is not true. The rest of the album not only is not good but it is boring also. This release lacks of new ideas. Blind Guardian have to evolve and widen their music and their sound. They have the classic bard-song-like songs, "Skalds and Shadows" and some speed-fast songs. And will listen "Fly" and you will start to wonder if its the same cd. "Fly" probably is one of the best songs Blind Guardian ever wrote and surely is the best moment of the album. To be honest I liked the last two songs also, "The Edge" and "The New Order" that proves that Blind Guardian can still write good songs when they want to.

In the end... I am not satisfied of "A Twist In The Myth". I couldn't listen the whole cd at once!

Rating: 62/100

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