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By Elric on 9:40 AM 05 July 2006

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Latest news from Iron Maiden : the forthcoming cover and a single release, read the following announcement that was posted on their site:

"...Following the announcement of the forthcoming early September release of their new studio album "A Matter Of Life And Death", Iron Maiden reveal their front cover artwork! Also announced that "The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg" will be released as a very special single on 14th August.

Says Steve Harris, "This is a very intense album in many ways and we really wanted to go with a lead track that demonstrated that in the best way, rather than going for a shorter track on the album just to please the chart rules. Benjamin Breeg is a great example of the feel of the album in it’s really heavy riff and lyrically it’s a very dark, atmospheric and powerful song which really epitomizes what the album is all about for us. So it made a natural choice for us."

Iron Maiden undertake a massive Winter European Tour that opens in Denmark on 9th November, culminating in eight UK arena dates at the end of December (including two nights at Earls Court Arena). They will play to nearly 100,000 people in the UK alone! The majority of these shows are already sold out. Please check for details on for the latest information on ticket availability and for details of tickets just released from Production holds..."

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to be honest, i never liked maiden's album covers (apart from Brave new world). Well, this time it's a little bit nicer, yet not the best...

Posted on 5/7/06 12:39  

Lol, in contraly i always looking at theri covers and searching for small details. I believe this is the strangiest cover from them

Posted on 5/7/06 12:44  

hehe elric, u remind me, when i bought Somewhere in time, i spent over 30 mins scrutinising the album cover.
I had found a: "fallen angel", the clock was @ 23.58 (two minutes to midnight), 22 acacia avenue...and more i dont remember at the moment.

Posted on 6/7/06 11:07  
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Posted on 21/7/06 03:03  

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