Halestorm - Vicious (Album Review)

By Michael m on 11:10 AM 25 August 2018

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Vicious is the fourth studio album by American rock band Halestorm.

"In my opinion, this is gonna be the first record... And we always say this, we hope we get better as musicians as we go on, with each record.But this is gonna be the first record where you can really hear all four corners of Halestorm and what makes us a band. And if any of you have ever seen us live, i think this is the closest to what makes us a band. In a lot of these records that we put out, 'Okay, we have a catchy song, and i sing on it' and then that's about it. So there's so many different layers to this record that i'm so proud to show everybody. I think this album is the most Halestorm album we ever did."  , their singer Lzzy Hale said about Vicious.

Is Vicious Halestorm's best album  as Lzzy Hale claims?

Well let's find it out.
Vicious consists of 12 songs and in this recording you will not find a single song that you will say      " uhmm ok this song is just ok" .

Halestorm's previous album Into the Wild Life was a very good one and the expectation for their new album were high. On Vicious it is clear that the band put a great effort to make it better than its predecessor . And they succeed it! .

Vicious is by far the band's best album so far. Heavier tunes and Lzzy Hale at her best.

Lzzy Hale is one of the best female voices in modern hard rock and on Vicious she proves that for one more time.

Without changing their style that made them popular they produced 12 very good and catchy songs.

As for the lyrics , there are plenty of references to sex , drugs and rock n' roll.

The album opens with the song Black Vultures ,and with it the band tells you "prepare for something heavier from us", and  closes with the emotional baland The Silence ( Heart of Novocaine is the other album's baland)  where we can hear Lzzy Hale's vocal range.

Vicious is a step forward for the band and i definitely wait to hear more great stuff by them in the future. Until then let's hear one more time this album and... enjoy it!!!

Vicious' tracklist :

1. "Black Vultures"  4:10
2. "Skulls" 3:19
3. "Uncomfortable" 3:40
4. "Buzz" 3:22
5. "Do Not Disturb" 3:23
6. "Conflicted"  3:29
7. "Killing Ourselves to Live" 4:00
 8. "Heart of Novocaine" 3:33
9. "Painkiller" 3:13
10. "White Dress"  3:29
11. "Vicious" 3:01
12. "The Silence" 4:47


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