Nightwish's Tour Manager Against Greece

By Michael m on 1:35 PM 09 July 2015

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Nightwish's tour manager John Finberg wrote on his facbook page abusive comments against Greece.

Due to the cancellation of a concert the manager was ungry and commented against Greece.

"Fuck you Greece, you are fucking up my plans fore the fall by fucking up world markets.... I hope everyone who voted against the bailout winds up living on the street without nothing....fuck", the manager wrote.

Nightwish responed immediately to this comment by saying that : "John Finberg is not the manager of Nightwish, he just close our concerts in America and apparently his ideas have nothing to do with  the band "

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...oh well, we can understand. Just woke up in Finland after six months of dark and they haven't drunk their coffee yet.

Posted on 13/7/15 11:30  

He's not their tour manager, he's a US booking agent that has nothing to do with the band other than booking in the US. If my grocer made nasty tweets, is it my fault?
This is inaccurate reporting and should be edited, and an apology should be given to Nightwish.

Posted on 13/7/15 11:47  

No apology should be given to any since we only posted some opinions. We did not take any place we just posted what happened :)

Posted on 15/7/15 14:12  

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Posted on 28/8/15 13:56  

Dear Nuri I find it disgusting that while a nation has serious problems one person can harass against them with such harsh words....

Posted on 9/9/15 16:48  

Here's a page that talks about nightwish and Finbergs connection.

"My connection to Nightwish is that I am the North American agent, and a partner in their North American management company Foo King Entertainment. My other partners are Toni and Ewo who are the worldwide management for the band. "

So, Finberg is indeed part of the management team of the band and not just a "booking agent" as some of the nightwish people are trying to say. Furthermore his connections to the band go back a long time, all the way back to 2003.

" How long have you been involved with Nightwish and how did you first become involved with them?

I got involved in late 2003."

That means his relationship with the band is not limited to just the most recent tour as some nightwish people are trying to say. Also on that page you can see some pics of him and tuomas hugging each other and smiling. Therefore he's clearly pretty tight with tuomas.

Posted on 20/9/15 04:16  

It's all John finberg,he's said worse to many in his years ..a true ass

Posted on 27/4/16 13:44  

All true. I've known finberg..since 93' he's always been in mix with the band .. but is only a booker out side of Nightwish

Posted on 27/4/16 13:47  

Well, Finberg says, with his own words, that he is more than a booking agent and is a management partner in nightwish.

"Then, when I became partners in the management company, it was great because not only do I book the tours but I have more input in crews and merchandise items. As an agent your goal is to make as much money for your band as possible, but as a Manager the goal is to focus on the best situation for the band"

That's a direct quote form his own words. Notice the parts "when I became partners in the management company" and "but as a Manager the goal is to focus on the best situation for the band." That tells you he's more than an "outside booking agent". Why would he lie about it? On the other hand, I can see why the band might like to lead fans to believe he really isn't part of their management, especially fans who happen to be Greek. So, judge for yourself who has motive to lie here.

Posted on 17/8/16 05:51  

Not the first time Nightwish has been severely insulting towards Greece and their Greek fans. This was the last straw of me being a Nightwish fan. I will no longer support them in anything, especially because they chose not to properly apologise for this with a serious official statement.

Posted on 7/7/18 00:09  

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