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Q: Hey guys can I send you my bands new ablum?
A: Yes of course contact us and we will send you the address details.

Q: Hey guys I send you my cd but you did not write a review yet.
A: One of the following things is happening.
1. We are currently write the review...so wait a little bit more. Usually it takes 2-3 weeks cause we are lazy asses.
2. Your cd is too crappy to bother.
3. We haven't recieved your cd yet.

Q: Hey guys you wrote a review about our cd but it was a 5 words review.
A: We write two kinds of reviews. Full reviews or 5 words reviews so be happy with what you got

Q: Hey guys you wrote a 5 words review about my cd. Can you write a full review.
A: Yes we can, but we will think about doing it.

Q: Hey guys, you trashed my favorite band, why?
A: Because we can!

Q: Hey guys, you said good words about 'that' crappy band, why?
A: Because we can!

Q: Hey guys you reviewed 'that' band which is not metal, why?
A: Because we can!

Q: Hey guys, I totally disagree with 'that' review you wrote!
A: Good for you. Thats was our opinion, and you know opinions are like @r$eholes, everyone has one. You can always post your own review

Q: Hey guys are you real persons?
A: No, we are computerized personas that automaticaly produce album reviews depending on the name of the band and the horoscope of each band member

Q: Hey guys can I write a review for you?
A: Yes. If we already post a review about this album, post your review as a comment. If we haven't, then send us your review and will post it.

Q: Hey guys, you tend to give high rating to albums you review.
A: Well, usually we review albums that we like and repsect the effort of the artist.

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