Greek Artists Talk To Michael - Part 2

By Michael m on 12:48 AM 05 October 2017

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Hello there! I'm so glad that more Greek artists were so possitive to participate to my project so here it is a part 2 and i thank them so much for that! 

I hope to enjoy it! 

The artists that participated this time are the following :

Thanos Gountanos ( BAiLdSA , modal4)

Maxi Nil (Jaded Star)

Little Tonnie (The Big Nose Attack)

Nick Michalakakos ( Dark Nightmare)

1) Now that summer is almost over I ask you this : Which one do you prefer the most and why? Summer or winter?

Maxi Nil : I’m in love with Summernights and Winterdays…=)

Nick Michalakakos : Both! If there has to be only one that would be winter, because too hi temperatures bother more. But all year be like winter would be a Nightmare too! It is the existence of both and the changes the best thing

Thanos Gountanos : I prefer the eternal change of the seasons. It’s boring otherwise.
Little Tonnie : As time goes by we're becoming more and more fans of the winter. You can start your day with a warm cup of coffee and be more productive. Summertime in Greece is only fun if you have managed to save some money and go on vacation close to the sea. The last few years we haven't been on vacation as all the festivals are happening during the summer and we choose to be available for work.

2) Which was your best moment so far this year?

Maxi Nil : The day I found my 2nd cat Clary!

Nick Michalakakos : I think it will be opening for Grand Magus in Thessaloniki the 1st of October.(the show was fantastic)  Since now it is the gig in Kastoria opening for Blaze Bayley.

Thanos Gountanos : There’s a problem with me and the definition of “the best”. I cannot choose the best. I have many.
Little Tonnie : I think it's when we played the headlining slot at Kapana Fesival in Plovdiv. There were around a thousand people there having fun with our music. It was the first time we headlined a festival outside of Greece.

3) What do you do on your free time? (Something that probably relaxes you)

Maxi Nil : I paint,I play with my cats and many nights I like to write down my thoughts.

Nick Michalakakos : Watching sports and listening to music of course. Some of us are doing sports too but this is not really relaxing

Thanos Gountanos : I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, good friends, good bars…
Little Tonnie : Watching movies or go out jogging

4) Which are your 3 favorite songs?

Maxi Nil : I have dozens of favorite songs but if I have to choose the 3 that come up to my mind right now I would say Dream On by Uriah Heep, The Answer by Uriah Heep  and Dantes Prayer by Loreena Mckennitt

Nick Michalakakos : If it is for bands songs that is "Defenders of the Border land", "Dragon lakes" and "Land Of Ashes"

Thanos Gountanos : Never achieved to pick up one favourite, how could i choose three?
Little Tonnie : "Fire" by Jimi Hendrix ,"Inside Looking Out" by Grand Funk Railroad , "Tango till they're sore" by Tom Waits

5) Name us 2 artists or groups that you admire their work(and maybe inspired you in some way)

Maxi Nil : Its really hard since I admire a lot of artists but Uriah Heep and Loreena Mckennitt are definitely on my Top 10 list.

Nick Michalakakos : Black Sabbath and R.J.Dio. Probably the most inspiring guys for our music

Thanos Gountanos : Manu Chao, Dubioza Kolektiv, but still the list is huge.
Little Tonnie : ZZ Top for surely were the cornestone of our sound and Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion for keeping rock'n'roll music alive and the way it's supposed to be: Meaty, High-Energy and LOUD!

6) Want to share with us one of your big dreams? What  are you planning to succeed on the following years?

Maxi Nil :I’m really grateful to be able to live my biggest dream which is to travel the world and play my music to people from all over the planet. My plan is to keep on fighting for this dream life and to be able to share my music with as many people as possible, till the end of my days.

Nick Michalakakos : The big dream is to win a great amount of money in a lottery and make it easier to concentrate 100% on music. Nothing really special. I guess it would be fine if we had 2-3 more albums in the next 10 years and maybe doing some gigs outside Greece or maybe a festival

Thanos Gountanos : I have a loop dream: “enjoy today’s life chasing tomorrow’s dream”. I hope this will keep me moving on the following years so i can do what i love most. Music and concerts.
Little Tonnie : This is our dream man! Just playing music and doing what we love. We're doing it! Our only plans is to keep on trying to make a living out of it - so we can keep doing it and stay healthy.

7) Any music plans for the rest of this year?

Maxi Nil : Finishing the upcoming Jaded Star album!!

Nick Michalakakos : A few gigs are planned already, one in Thessaloniki opening for Grand Magus and one in Komotini. Maybe there will be one more in Athens, but nothing fixed till now.

Thanos Gountanos : We've started recording (and hope to finish soon!) our 3rd album, making some videos and planning club concerts in Greece and Europe 
Little Tonnie : There's always plans. This year it's a Greek and a European tour and hopefully a new album

8) How hard do you think is for a new artist to be known on the Greek audience and how hard is for him/her/them to be known worldwide?

Maxi Nil : It’s much easier to become known in a small country like ours and of course much harder to become known worldwide. The internet makes everything much easier but you need to have A PLAN! Beside the fact that you need to have good REALLY good music ,that people besides your mom your girlfriend/boyfriend and friends like, you need to have the whole package! A good image, a good production of the album, nice artwork AND you have to be awesome when you play live, you also need to be available all the time to tour and to invest MONEY on your band. If you have all the above then you have a good and strong foundation to start with. Then you need a strong and sustainable online presence, you need to MASTER your  social media network ( Facebook,Twitter,Instagram etc) in order to get people attracted to your music and be potential superfans! I’ve recently started taking  online marketing and social media management courses to achieve my goals. Nobody will love and care for my band more than I do so I need to know as much as possible when it comes to promotion and management. In order to succeed and to have sustainability in this business in these days you need to KNOW and MASTER all the above…

Nick Michalakakos : Both are pretty hard nowadays. You may have many tools you can use on the net, tools you didn't have few years back but audience doesn't seem to be so interested in looking for something new! Anyway today to become successful (as successful you can be) in Greece you have to stay tall and fight all difficult circumstances. It is the endurance that makes you respectful and finally popular. As far as for going big internationally that one needs a really professional management. If not you'll need great luck and really great music too

Thanos Gountanos : Internet offers all the potentials to reach fans in Greece and worldwide. It depends on the material of course. You can get easily known and easily forgotten.
Little Tonnie : Nowadays through the internet, it's easier to reach people but it's harder to make them rebember you,so it's important for new bands to tour and play a lot of gigs. Unfortunately, if you're a rock band you can't do it from the coziness of your living room. Then you reach a point when you can make a living out of music and you start building a recognition depending on your personal ambitiousness and endurance. But not being well-known isn't the worst thing that can happen to an artist but to stop having fun from it.If you go into arts just to be famous, you've started with the the wrong foot.

9) Would you like to with us a funny moment that happened on a gig (a crazy fan perhaps or something else )

Maxi Nil : There are sooo many but most of them should not see the light of day…hahahahaha
One that came to mind now was in Switzerland! Last day/Prank day of the tour everyone was thinking of how to embarrass each other on stage…this is how things work on the last tour day….so we were on stage playing and suddenly I see around 10 people on stage half of them almost naked dancing Zorba… a minute later they took out some strong tape and tide me up leg to leg with one of my bandmates…we finished the show like this…we had to!

Nick Michalakakos : That was before our last gig in Trikala. We left the venue after the sound check forgetting one member back there. We didn't realize it before we reached the home we roomed.

Thanos Gountanos : There is a guy who is a very dedicated fan. I didn’t know him that time but i could recognise him every time in the crowd. He is really energetic. We were on a tour and I saw him in the crowd in one of the shows. The other day we had to travel far by plane to another city for the next gig. During the show i see him again in the crowd. I freaked out! I thought i had illusions! Though, the guy was following the tour. After that, we wanted to meet him and he got a lifetime free pass for our concerts!
Little Tonnie : I remember a really wasted on booze fan who wanted to take a photo with us. While we were posing a very intense stink came out of him. Then he tried to hug us and we realised he had seriously peed his pants but it was to late to avoid the hug by then.

Thank you for answering my questions. It was a pleasure and a honor for me and I wish you all the best!

Maxi Nil : It’s been a pleasure as well!All my best to you too!

Little Tonnie : It was great chatting with you, thanks for the chance!

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